Operation Attack was born November 1967. It was the brainchild of the late Dr. Edward L. Cole Jr. At that time he was a Presbyterian ruling elder, a city council member and a pediatrician who was concerned about families in need. Later Dr. Cole became mayor of St. Petersburg. OA was Dr. Cole's way of "attacking" a problem in the era of the War on Poverty.

Dr. Cole approached Lakeview Presbyterian, an active, integrated church with the idea and an initial contribution of $900. The church session voted to make it a part of it's mission work in the community. Eventually other Presbyterian churches joined the project. Word spread to other denominations and into the community and others joined in. Today 15 churches support OA.

From the very beginning, OA has offered clothing free of charge to children of low income families.

In 2007-2008 OA celebrated forty years of continuous operation, including a special worship service of celebration. Here are some pictures from that celebration.